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CHAFIC BOU YOUNES Est. was founded in 1975 by Chafic Bou Younes, a plumbing and contracting supervisor. Through supplying and handling plumbing services and products locally in Nahr Ibrahim, Mr. Bou Younes set the core for honest, wholesome and hardworking grounds on which our company operates. We continue to deliver the same standards set by Chafic, dedicating our work to building trustworthy relationships and the utmost satisfaction towards our customers.

At the beginning our market wasn’t as wide as it is today, however the business started growing, and the dream of owning a nationally leading company lived on through the coming generations. Chafic’s three sons, Charbel, Antoine, and Rabih showed loyalty to their father’s work, and enhanced their establishment’s potential.

CHAFIC BOU YOUNES Est.’s first breakthrough was when the company began its expenditure by reaching out and contacting foreign suppliers that can deliver top quality products and services specifically from Italian manufacturers, in 1991. It was the first step towards the increase of the company’s influence on a national scale.
Through patience, dedication and hard work, Chafic Bou Younes & Co has provided the community with high quality Products such as valves, fittings, pipes, water tanks, insulations, and most importantly heating systems.
Today, Chafic Bou Younes & Co is one of the leading aluminum radiator suppliers in the country, however it is not only the product that powers our company. It is the exceptional customer satisfaction with our product and service deliverance that encourage the company to strive and further improve our operations to maintain the product, service and satisfaction our customers expect and deserve.
CHAFIC BOU YOUNES & Co. s.a.r.l. is still considered one of the most trusted and reputed companies in Lebanon, whose field of expertise has expanded to reach every aspect in the sanitary domain from plumbing and heating, to luxurious sanitary ware, ceramics and tiles.

Since 1975

Heating – Ceramics – Sanitary

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission here at Chafic Bou Younes & Co is to provide our current and future customers with the optimal products and services when it comes to heating systems and other sanitary aspects. We have reached the position we control today through our top class customer satisfaction and will continue to do so until we have satisfied the needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Over the past few years, we have expanded to a range that reaches all parts of Lebanon. Now our company’s target is to widen even more our reach in the region, always expanding and searching for new opportunities to provide top quality products and high customer satisfaction to our current and future clients.

Our Values

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